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A well-developed strategy can lead to significant benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced brand reputation, and improved relationships with stakeholders.

However, sustainability strategy development comes with its own set of challenges, including a lack of internal resources and expertise, insufficient data, and the need for stakeholder engagement. We understand that every company is unique and faces its own set of sustainability challenges. At SGY, we address these challenges head-on by providing comprehensive solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Our Process


Integration of Sustainability into the Core Business Objectives

We take a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to identify key areas for improvement and develop an action plan that aligns with their business objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability strategy development is the process of creating a roadmap for sustainable growth that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes social and economic benefits.

The impact of a sustainability strategy can be measured using a variety of metrics, including greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water use, waste reduction, social and economic benefits, and customer satisfaction. We help our clients develop customized measurement and reporting frameworks that align with their goals, stakeholders’ expectations, and global standards.

Common challenges include defining the right goals and targets, engaging stakeholders, measuring and reporting progress, and integrating sustainability into core business functions. We help our clients address these challenges by providing expert guidance, stakeholder engagement strategies, robust measurement and reporting frameworks, and integration of sustainability into core business functions.

We use a data-driven approach to help our clients understand their environmental and social impacts, set ambitious targets, and implement effective programs to achieve them. We also stay up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices, and regulations in sustainability to provide our clients with the most relevant and effective guidance.

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