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Protecting the Workforce and Reducing the Risk of Lost Productivity

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is a critical aspect of any organization that aims to protect its workforce and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

The need for occupational health and safety arises from the fact that workplaces can be dangerous environments where employees are exposed to a wide range of hazards. These hazards can include physical, chemical, biological, and psychological risks that can cause serious injuries and illnesses. Our services help organizations to assess the risks associated with their operations to identify potential hazards and take steps to mitigate them.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Services

A crucial aspect of sustainability is safeguarding the health and safety of employees. Businesses can better manage workplace risks, improve workplace safety and health outcomes, and comply by regulations with the aid of our occupational health and safety services

  • Occupational Safety Specialist Services
  • Health Officer Services
  • Recruitment Examinations
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Risk Analysis Services
  • Emergency Planning
  • Workplace Environment Measurements
  • Periodic Tests and Controls
  • Health Care Services
  • Preparation of Explosion Protection Document

Our Occupational Health and Safety Trainings

Management of an organization is responsible for ensuring that the workplace is safe and healthy for employees. This includes identifying and controlling workplace hazards, providing appropriate training and resources, and promoting a positive safety culture.

  • Information on labor legislation
  • Legal rights and responsibilities of employees
  • Workplace hygiene and order
  • Causes of occupational diseases
  • Application of disease prevention principles and prevention techniques
  • Biological and psychosocial risk factors
  • First aid
  • Chemical, physical and ergonomic risk factors

Our principles

At SGY, we believe that protecting the health and safety of workers is critical to achieving sustainability goals and driving business success. In this direction, we remain loyal to our principles that prioritize the needs of our clients in the solutions we offer.

  • Respecting the confidentiality of the client’s information and documents.
  • Compliance with business ethics and rules.
  • Compliance with professional rules.
  • Compliance with contract rules.
  • Compliance with the rules of impartiality.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous monitoring and informing customers about regulatory changes.
  • To reduce the accident frequency rate by predetermining the occupational accidents and occupational diseases that may occur in the companies we serve.
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