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A holistic approach to mitigate GHG emissions.

Emissions from businesses are a significant contributor to climate change, which is having a profound impact on the world.

Emissions from businesses are a significant contributor to climate change, which is having a profound impact on the world. Rising global temperatures, changing weather patterns, and more frequent extreme weather events are all consequences of the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In response, many governments and organizations worldwide have committed to reducing their GHG emissions and mitigating climate change. However, managing and reducing emissions can be a complex and challenging task for companies, especially those with large and diverse operations. SGY offers a wide range of services that help businesses measure their emissions, identify reduction opportunities, set reduction targets, and develop and implement strategies to achieve those targets.

Our Solutions

Emission Management Services

Our team of sustainability experts has extensive experience in developing emission reduction strategies and implementing projects that reduce emissions while also generating economic and social benefits.

Our Approach

Addressing the environmental and social challenges posed by climate change requires companies to develop effective strategies and systems to manage their emissions, track their progress and report their performance transparently.


There is an urgent need for emission management to address the growing threat of climate change. Governments, businesses, and individuals all have a role to play in reducing emissions.


By implementing an effective emission management program, companies can save costs through improved energy efficiency, increase competitiveness by demonstrating sustainability leadership, comply with regulations and minimize risks associated with climate change impacts.

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