Water Footprint

What is a Water Footprint?

With the increase of industrialization and population, the sustainable use of water resources has become an important environmental issue. Water footprint is measured by the amount of water consumed and polluted. The water footprint of a product or service; It refers to the amount of water consumed and polluted throughout the entire process, including the supply chain.

Water footprint can be defined as the calculation of the amount of direct and indirect water used, including all stages of production and service. 

What is ISO 14046 Standard?

The ISO 14046 Water Footprint Standard is the new standard for water footprinting that will give credibility to the calculation of the amount of fresh water directly and indirectly polluted and the amount of water recovered. ISO 14046 sets rules and requirements for water footprint assessments of products, processes and organizations. Includes air and soil emissions that affect water quality in the assessment.

ISO 14046 Water footprint Standard;  is an environmental computing technique for measuring the amount of water consumed to produce a product, provide a service, or complete an activity. The ISO 14046 standard is an international standard that provides the principles, requirements and guidelines for performing and reporting water footprint calculations and assessments.

Calculation of water footprints of organizations,

  • Identifying potential environmental impacts associated with water use,
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce water use at various stages of the product lifecycle,
  • Establishing strategic risk management regarding water use,
  • Optimizing water management and increasing water efficiency at product, process and organization levels,
  • Making plans for the future and taking action on water saving by revealing the amount of water used in production and consumption,
  • It provides scientifically consistent and reliable information for communication and marketing (For example, enforcing a labeling scheme, making an environmental claim, or producing an environmental product statement).

SG Yönetim provides water footprint calculation, reporting and certification services on the basis of organization and product in accordance with the ISO 14046 standard or the Global Water Footprint Standard.