Green Deal

The circular economy requires the adoption of an economic approach in which, on the one hand, the value of the product is preserved by recycling materials and resources into the product cycle after their use, on the other hand, the amount of waste is kept to a minimum. The widely used production/consumption structure, which is based on the linear economy model covering the production, use and disposal processes of products and services, is gradually being replaced by a sustainable and innovation-based circular economy system in the world where waste is recycled and re-evaluated, resource efficiency is ensured and raw material costs are reduced.

The circular economy, which aims at the efficient use of resources, contributes to the development of the green economy, which is based on the concept of sustainable development, by establishing a balanced relationship between the policies aimed to be implemented within the scope of combating climate change and economic goals.

In this context, a green and circular economy requires reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy and resource efficiency while determining both investments and growth strategies. In this respect, it is important to consider green and circular economy targets together and to implement the activities to be developed in this context with a holistic approach.

The need to increase global efforts for a sustainable world by all stakeholders at all levels has been further reinforced in 2020 by the reflections of the social and economic difficulties created by the COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, the building of a sustainable and inclusive global economy has become the priority agenda of the international community during the post-COVID-19 recovery period.

In this process, in addition to efforts to limit and reduce human-induced greenhouse gas emissions; It has become inevitable to deal with climate change in connection with other global problems such as economy, international trade, health, migration and security. The need for additional reforms at the global level in order to realize economic growth by considering the climate agenda and to encourage investors and businesses to operate in line with a scenario that limits global warming has brought the fight against climate change to the center of international economic and trade policies.

In line with all these developments, the European Union has started to implement the “GREEN DEAL” program and action plan in order to zero its greenhouse gas emissions until 2050, in line with its goal of becoming a Climate Neutral continent.

In accordance with both national legislation and international agreements, all institutions and organizations are obliged to determine their carbon footprints within the scope of SUSTAINABILITY until 2023, and at the end of this, they have to create their own action plans and act in line with the 2050 Carbon neutral target.

Our company in line with this goal,

1. Determination of Carbon Footprint, Energy Efficiency, Water Footprint, Recycling (Carbon scorecard, Carbon Audit) and reporting in international standards

2. Carbon Footprint, Energy Efficiency, Water Footprint, Recycling, Waste Disposal, Process System general information and industrial personnel training, certification,

3. Establishing Carbon Footprint, Energy Efficiency, Water Footprint, Recycling, Waste Disposal policies and mentoring programs,

4. Carrying out information programs on measurement, management and reporting systems related to carbon footprint and water footprint studies, establishment of accredited systems in international standards,

5. Energy Monitoring and Management Systems project design and installation,

6. Productivity Analysis project design and installation,

7. Sustainability training and system installation consultancy service,

8. LEED, GREEN STAR, BREEAM, TUYEB etc. certification processes consultancy services,

9. Appropriate project design and consultancy services for investment planning and access to financial resources (EBRD, IPA III, Innovation Fund, LIFE, Horizon, Just Transition Mechanism, Invest EU, European Green Deal Investment Fund, etc.),

10. Installation of Carbon Accounting, Activity Based Costing (FDM) method in international standards, system improvements and auditing training services are offered.