Green Energy

Green energy is renewable energy and is proven by ”Green Energy Certificates” taken from renewable sources.

Energy Management is a holistic system that includes training, survey, measurement, monitoring, planning and implementation activities carried out to ensure the efficient use of energy resources and energy.

Services provided by our company within the scope of Energy Management:


The process of examining an energy system for the most efficient use of energy is defined as an energy audit. Energy audit aims to identify the opportunities for increasing the energy efficiency of institutions and organizations, to evaluate the recovery potential of waste energy, to determine the energy production potential based on renewable resources, and ultimately to reduce the burden of energy costs on businesses.


The most effective way to minimize energy losses and energy costs for energy consuming organizations is to use energy efficiently. The best way to use energy efficiently is to create a system that can manage energy effectively.

ISO 50001 Energy Management System is a standard defined in order to develop an effective energy management system in all institutions and organizations and to increase energy performance and efficiency. ISO 50001 Energy Management System is of great importance in establishing energy policies of institutions, determining energy performance indicators, calculating energy costs and setting energy efficiency targets.

SG Yönetim provides services to the institutions and organizations it works with on the axis of energy efficiency in all processes from the installation of the “ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems” standards to the certification stage.

“It should not be forgotten that public buildings, commercial and service buildings, electricity generation facilities, industrial enterprises and organized industrial zones and industrial enterprises obliged to appoint an energy manager must establish the ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System by the end of 2023.”


It covers the services provided for renewable energy investments to be made in order to ensure energy efficiency and reduce the Carbon Footprint. It is aimed that the investment to be made will provide maximum benefit with minimum costs. Necessary investigations are made for the system or technology needed in this regard and the capacity values are determined. Technical, administrative and financial consultancy is provided in all processes from project development and licensing to commissioning. Necessary support is provided after commissioning for the efficiency measurement and analysis of the commissioned project.


Our company, in Survey, Reporting and Projecting stages; It evaluates all the data it has obtained and prepares a Feasibility report containing the technical and financial details of the projects. At this stage, it is aimed that the projects and investments to be made will benefit from national and international funding sources at the maximum level, and Efficiency Increasing Project Support, Voluntary Agreement Support, Investment Incentive Practices, IPA Pre-Accession Financial Assistance in the projects and works of institutions and organizations on the axis of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Program, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Support and Turseff/Midseff fund studies are carried out.