Education and Consultancy


SGY is a consultancy firm established with the aim of meeting customer demands and needs in the highest quality manner within the framework of the “Growth and Institutional Structuring” systematic.

Sistem Grup Companies provides consultancy services to the institutions and organizations it works with, on Program design, Project Development and Implementation, Access to Grants, Project preparation, feasibility, audit-monitoring and management in line with National and International loan studies in order to achieve the best return on investment.

Our project team has served more than 800 institutions and organizations to date.


With its experienced staff working in the fields of management systems, quality, human resources, administrative and financial processes for nearly 30 years, Sistem Grup Companies can offer its clients a wide range of support services. Our company has the ability to provide services to the institutions and organizations it works with, in order to gain a systematic management function and to maintain their operations at international standards.

Our Group Company; It has been accredited by TSE (TS-13573) for training and consultancy services and by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for Quality and Management systems.

Services we offer in this context:

1- Management Systems Consulting (Providing system installation, training, certification and operation services in ISO Series Standards)

2- Human Resources Consulting
(Performing Human Resources functions such as personnel selection, placement, job analysis, job evaluation and study, performance evaluation, stakeholder satisfaction measurement, career planning)

3- Restructuring / Management Consulting
(Benchmarking, Business Establishment and Development, Entrepreneurship, Production Management and Planning, Sales and Marketing Techniques, Import and Export Consultancy, Investment Consultancy, Brand Management)

4- Technology Infrastructure Development
(Technology talent assessment- Technology Audit, Technology Roadmap creation, R&D and Innovation infrastructure creation, Establishment of national and international business and project partnerships)


The clustering model aims to create collaborations within the framework of the concept of co-competition in order to increase the competitiveness of companies in global competition and to realize their innovative initiatives at affordable costs. SGYONETIM supports its Clients to grow in national and international platforms, to enter new markets and to access technology transfer opportunities by establishing the right business and project partnerships.

Establishing the necessary infrastructure to follow and open up to global markets

Support for differentiation in products and services, technology transfer, innovation and human capacity development, Creating cooperation opportunities with other enterprises and academic groups in the country and abroad, Ensuring an increase in efficiency and functioning in the way from production to export, starting from design, within the value chain with established cooperation networks, Growth in international markets and It supports the development of skills in keeping up with the technology in order to maintain the export volume.