Carbon Footprint


One of the most important agenda items of developed and developing countries in the world is greenhouse gas emissions. With the start of the industrial revolution, natural climate changes have been experienced and in addition to this, a brand new period has been entered in which human activities also affect the climate. In the world, steps are being taken and studies are being carried out to switch to a low-carbon economy against the threat of global warming and climate change.

The concept of carbon footprint has been revealed in the studies carried out to calculate the CO2 gas that directly affects global warming.

It is a measure of the damage to the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gas produced as a result of human activities and measured in terms of carbon dioxide.

Carbon footprint; calculated by institutions for legal obligations, access to green financing instruments, corporate social responsibility, customer or investor demands, marketing and corporate image, mandatory or voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and participation in emission trading mechanisms.

WHAT IS ISO 14064-1?

ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Standards are International standards published as Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Reporting Projecting and Verification Validation Standards.

ISO 14064 Standards is a family of Standards consisting of 3 standards.

ISO 14064-1: Greenhouse Gases – Part 1: Refers to the Guidance and Specifications Standard for Calculation and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals at the Enterprise Level.

A standard that specifies organizational-level processes and requirements for the calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and disposal. It specifies the requirements for the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organization’s greenhouse gas inventory.

ISO 14064-2 Standard is a greenhouse gas standard that includes the creation, calculation, management and reporting of projects that will reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

ISO 14064-3 Standard is a standard for the verification and validation of the monitoring and reporting system according to the ISO 14064-1 Standard or Projects for the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions according to the ISO 14064-2 Standard.

SG Yönetim provides services to manage the Corporate and Product Carbon Footprint calculation, project design, reporting and verification processes of the institutions and organizations it works with in accordance with ISO 14064 standards.